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Spreading the Joy with Laura Laing, Co-Founder and Co-Winemaker at Hazelfern Cellars

Wine, don’t whine! Laura Laing is joyous about winemaking.

Many of us love to drink it, but now many female founders know how to make and sell it! Laura Laing is harvesting her own business and filling her glass with success!

Laura of Hazelfern Cellars shares her biggest 2016 joy with sheBOOM…

“This past year has been the most invigorating year since the beginning of making  wine ten years ago. 2016 marked the grand opening of our winery! Every step and every decision has been a small forward motion towards this moment. There were many times that the path seemed very long but I could not be more proud or excited about our future as I am at this moment. Owning your own business is not for the faint of heart, it’s tons of hard work but the rewards you cannot measure. Today I feel nothing but excitement for the future!”

What advice is she pouring for other female founders? 

  1. Learn by doing – each day, new challenges and opportunities arise and my go-to is to always try my hand at the task first. I like to know, at least on a surface level conceptually, how to do something. That way you know your business inside out. The key to this though is to find out what are and what are not your strengths, and outsource and ask for help when needed
  2. Spend your days with a servant’s heart — everyone you encounter you should strive to serve. In other words, treat everyone in your daily interactions as if he or she isyour client. It’s crazy what a cool effect this has!
  3. Surround yourself with people who will build you up. So often we are quick to tear one another down instead of lifting each other up. As the saying goes, choose your friends wisely – the ones that lift you up will have a lasting effect on you and what you are working towards.

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