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Karla Campos: Social Media Sass

Meet Karla Campos: A single mom and entrepreneur who can make fun of herself!

Karla Campos, part of Social Media Sass, creates satirical video and sound clips (podcasts), writes, and is a speaker and event host. Campos says, “Laughter feeds the soul. When people are laughing, they can’t be sad. Comedy has always been my medicine.” Comedic Facebook videos inspired her career: “I watch comedy videos on Facebook all day. I saw Ghetto Klown by John Leguisamo and thought ‘I want to be like him.’ Soon after, I started looking for the brave female comedians who share the woman’s perspective.”

She uses her comedic talents to break down the images of perfection that women are expected to uphold. She also uses comedy to educate others: “I teach entrepreneurship classes and comedy is my main training style. I talk about (and make fun of) my life as a single mom entrepreneur. Being a woman is hard, you are expected to be a certain way, almost not human. When you talk about your woman life in a comedic way, people respond and get it. It’s an amazing feeling.”

For women looking to break into comedy, Campos advises: “Be YOU. You will be rejected like crazy by people looking for the ‘standard,’ but when that moment comes YOU will take the stage and shine.” It pays to be yourself and be different! Thank you Karla, for sharing your story with sheBOOM.