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Parting is such sweets sorrow…

Sweets weeks are drawing to a close.

Tomorrow we’ll be going to the dogs (hot dogs and pets, that is!) in honor of National Hot Dog Day.

Thank you to all the sweet and savvy women who shared their success stories with us.  Here’s another “best of” list to inspire you as you build your own business. We already sent you to the best bakeries in America…now check out the best ice cream shops nationwide.

Someday you may find your own business on a list like those  (if you haven’t already)!

  • As with any food-related business, having an awesome product and great customer service are the first requirements.
  • Funding (including asking the Sharks!), rational business-planning, customer research and testing, effective marketing, the right hiring, and “baby steps” to success (like knowing exactly when to open a store) are all critical.
  • Study those companies that have made it to the big time, build your own advisory board of successful women (and men) in the food industry, and get ready to add that extra scoop of profitability to your cone!

Looking forward to sharing our dog days with you in the weeks to come!